Ricky Gervais' 'tailor-made' Muppets 2 role

Ricky Gervais' 'tailor-made' Muppets 2 role

Ricky Gervais’ role in ‘The Muppets… Again!’ was “tailor-made” for him according to the film’s producer Todd Lieberman.

The actor is set to star in the highly anticipated sequel to 2011’s ‘The Muppets’ – taking over the lead role from Jason Segal – and the film’s producer and co-writer Todd Lieberman has revealed he was the first and only choice for the part.

He said: “Ricky plays a character who may not have the best of intentions. He’s been tremendous, though. We wrote this character and then realised that the person we have to cast is Ricky. I think people are going to see this character was tailor-made for him.

“Also, he’s about as big of a Muppets fan as you can have in the world. He reveres the Muppets like we revere the Muppets!”

The producer – who wrote the film with Nicholas Stoller – explained that the latest film will be a loose sequel to the critically acclaimed 2011 reboot and will concentrate on a whole new story with new characters, rather than bringing back stars Amy Adams and Jason Segal.

He said: “Jason was one of the big creative forces in the first movie. From the beginning, though, it was our intention to create a whole new story. His story has been finished and concluded and now we’re going to do another.”