Rinzing Dengzongpa debuts in Squad with Abraham in Cameo Role

Rinzing Dengzongpa

The year 2019 brought many celebrity kids who rocked the film industry and there are more to come now in silver screen as debut appearances on the silver screen. Rinzing Denzongpa, the son of Danny Denzongpa is the upcoming debut star who will be appearing on the silver screen. The actor will be seen in an action-packed thriller with Squad. The action-packed thriller will have some breathtaking stunts that will be very thrilling to watch. The actress Malvika Raj who starred in Beyond The Clouds will come opposite to Rinzing Denzongpa in the film. 

Rinzing Dengzongpa

John Abraham in Cameo Role

According to the latest update of the film Squad, John Abraham will be seen in a special role. The film will be released in July.  Confirmed news came from the producer Nilesh Sahay who told the Mirror that he desires for having Abraham in a cameo role in Squad. He further mentioned that at present he is in the process of writing the role and then he would discuss with him. He also reveals that the role of John Abraham will be a special one and people would see him in a way they haven’t before. John Abraham responds to him by saying, “If Nilesh asks me to do a cameo, it will be very difficult for me to say no. I’ll do it, as simple as that.”

Rinzing Dengzongpa

John Abraham on Nilesh Sahay

The film Squad was supposed to be directed by Jyoti Kapur Das earlier but later Nilesh Sahay himself takes the responsibility for directing the film. John is happy with Nilesh’s directorial debut and also shares that Nilesh probably is one of the few people in India who really understands action in depth. He further says, “It’s an ambitious film, and we have been discussing details. I am looking forward to working an action film with him soon”. The shooting of the film Squad will take place in Russia and Mumbai and will appear on the screens in 2020.

Abraham as Sylvester Stallone in Expendables

Nilesh also gives his confirmation on making a Hindi version of Expendables where John Abraham will be seen stepping in the shoes of the famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallion. He shares the news by saying, “That’s a film meant to be made with John, but it’s on the backburner for now as casting an ensemble is a huge headache. I promise that the film will take off sometime next year.”

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