Salman Khan wants to sell his paintings
Salman Khan’s Painting

We all know that Salman Khan loves to paint and hasn’t sold any of his work. He mostly keeps them or gifts it to his near and dear ones. But now the Bollywood star happily sold his work and the reason will make you fall more in love with him.

Apparently, The actor had a change of mind when one businessman fan offered him around Rs 20 lakh for a painting of a mother and a son in an embrace. Salman turned down the offer because the painting was very close to his heart. But, the businessman didn’t let it go. He made another whopping offer of INR 1 crore!! And this time Salman gave in and the amount was furthered to Salman’s foundation ‘Being Human’. Salman Khan has decided to sell some of his paintings and all the money he receives will directly go to the Being Human charity foundation.

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A source close to the actor told Mumbai Mirror, “Salman’s paintings are all about the emotions of life. They are focussed on love, family ties and the oneness of religion, which are all feelings that resonate with the actor. In the past, the 51-year-old actor has gifted a live-size portrait of two lovers to Kareena Kapoor Khan, a monochrome painting of a man to Asin and a painted wall portrait to sister Arpita Khan Sharma.

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