Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne says she feels lucky that her daughter suffered a seizure while filming her TV show because the footage could help doctors to diagnose her condition.

The 28-year-old presenter was rushed to hospital following the health scare on the set of ‘Fashion Police‘ last week but her mother Sharon believes having footage of the incident will help doctors diagnose her illness.

Speaking on ‘The Talk’ she said: “We were very blessed that, in a way, that Kelly, when she had her seizure, she had while she was filming, so it was filmed. We needed that to show the neurologist so they could see what was happening.”

While doctors are puzzled by Kelly‘s symptoms, Sharon says her daughter is feeling good.

She said: “Kelly is doing fine and has asked me to thank everybody who sends their love to her and have reached out to her. So many people. And we all believe in the power of positive thinking and sending good vibes. We strongly believe in it, and the Osbournes, we want to thank everyone. And I thank her doctors and I thank everyone at Cedars.

“And she’s on medication. She’s fine, nobody knows why she had it. … Can’t figure out a reason why, but she is fine and naughty.”