Shekhar Suman lashes out at Kangana Ranuat
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Shekhar Suman, who has time and again voiced his hatred for actress Kangana Ranaut, he has some really harsh words to say to her after her fallout with Karan. Few days ago Shekhar blamed his son’s ex-girlfriend Kangana Ranaut for Rangoon’s failure in his tweet. Once again Shekhar Suman once again lashes out at Kangana Ranuat. In a recent interview he said that Kangana should keep her mouth shut. If you are a failure then you should have a dignity to come forward and say I have failed miserably. Shekhar further said that he does not like weeping women. And Kangana cries to everyone to claim that she is victimized and traumatized. Recently Shekhar Suman tweeted on the recent comments of Kangana Ranaut on Karan Johar.

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Check out what he tweeted on the recent comments of Kangana Ranaut on Karan Johar:

This time his tweet is more direct and he points out at the fact how both her English and her behaviour are bad.

On Star World’s Koffee With Karan on February 19, Kangana had called Karan “a snooty, flag-bearer of nepotism, who was intolerant to outsiders in the film industry.” She also hinted that he is running a ‘movie mafia’.

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