Simon Cowell's friends and family mean everything to him

Simon Cowell's friends and family mean everything to him

Simon Cowell has taken to Twitter to post a heartfelt update on both his personal and professional life, including musings about his general happiness and One Direction.

Simon Cowell has realised family and friends are more important than work.

The music mogul launched into a series of musings on Twitter today (19.03.13), in which the usually social media shy star admitted he is struggling with “bumps” in his life journey, but said he has decided to re-evaluate his priorities and focus on his health and personal relationships.

In a series of tweets, he reflected: “And with everything I have been working on it made me realise that your friends and family are still the most important things in your life

“Sorry to cram all this in. Have read some strange things about me recently. I am happy. Healthy. And enjoying life. Hope you are too/

“What I have realised is there will be bumps in your life but the fun is fixing them. If it was always easy life would be boring./

“I was a little deep tonight but it was one of those nights you realise you have a lot to be thankful for. (sic)”

In his uncharacteristic, emotional outburst – which spanned a whopping 17 tweets – Simon also updated his followers with news about his numerous TV projects including ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The X Factor’ in the US and the UK and his new viral competition ‘You Generation’.

He dedicated two tweets to One Direction – who he has mentored to global success – and had nothing but praise for the boys for their hard work and dedication.

He said: “One Direction continue to amaze me. Hard workers but still the nicest guys you could hope to work with. (sic)

“Seen some early footage on the one d movie. Very very exciting. (sic)”