Snooki: I'm not famous

Snooki: I'm not famous

Snooki doesn’t regard herself as “famous” and thinks people relate to her as a “regular girl”

Snooki doesn’t regard herself as “famous”.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star – who welcomed her first child, son Lorenzo, into the world last August – believes she is just a “normal girl” whose post-pregnancy weight loss can inspire other mothers.

Speaking in a forthcoming episode of ‘The Dr. Oz Show’, she said: “I don’t consider myself to be, like, a ‘celebrity mom’.

“I don’t even consider myself famous. I just think I’m well known. And I’m very relatable, I feel. And I’m just a normal girl doing normal things.

“If I can lose 42 lbs. after giving birth six months [ago], I mean, anybody could do it. You just need the dedication, and you need to want to have your body back.”

The 25-year-old reality TV star – who has admitted she put pressure on herself to lose the 42 pounds she gained during her pregnancy because she feared fiance Jionni LaVelle would leave her – is still following her strict diet and fitness plan despite being back to 102 pounds.

She recently said: “I go to the gym seven days a week, I’m on a meal plan.

“The only thing I eat that I love is ice cream.”