Sunny Leone reacts to Ram Gopal Varma's tweet

Actress Sunny Leone has finally breaks silence on the controversy that sparked after filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma posted a nasty tweet mentioning her on International Women’s Day. The director insulted Sunny and in no time, he garnered the wrath of Twitterati for his nasty tweets.

Ram Gopal Varma had said in a tweet on International Women’s Day that all women should give happiness to men as Sunny Leone does. Here is the exact quote: “I wish every woman gives a man same happiness like Sunny Leone gives.”

Sunny Leone has responded in a more dignified manner and without taking the name of the filmmaker. While posting a video posted on a social networking site, Sunny Leone wrote: “I read all news today. I believe change only happens when we have one voice. So, choose your words wisely,” 

Watch Video Below :

After her reaction, Varma posted an apology for his “unintended insensitive” tweet. He, however, added that he was just expressing his feelings.

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