Support From SwaraBhaskar to Kanhaiya Kumar


In view of the LokSabha elections, the publicity is going on loudly these days. Apart from Bollywood celebrities, many big stars are also coming to the ground in support of their candidates. In this order, Bollywood actress SwaraBhaskar (SwaraBhaskar) took command of the campaign for Begum Rai from the Begusarai constituency, Kanhaiya Kumar for CPI (M) candidate. While campaigning for Kanhaiya Kumar, he gave them a new name. SwaraBhaskar gave the name (SwaraBhaskar) Kanhaiya Kumar (Kanhaiya Kumar) during the election meeting after filling up his nomination. Actually, something happened that was addressing the election meeting for SwaraBhaskarKanhaiya Kumar, during this time he addressed Kanhaiya Kumar as Jia Ho LalaLala of Bihar. At the same time he (SwaraBhaskar)He also wished for his victory. SwaraBhaskar said that Kanhaiya Kumar, I just want to tell you so much that Jia Ho LalaLala..Jay Hind, Jai Bhim, Lal Salam. Be aware that Kanhaiya Kumar had his nomination on Tuesday. During this time his friend JigneshMewani was also present.

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The Appearance of SwaraBhaskar

It is worth mentioning that Bollywood actressSwaraBhaskar  on Tuesday appeared on Begusarai on her birthday. Where he  Begusarai  campaigned for (Begusarai) Communist Party of India (CPI) candidate Kanhaiya Kumar (Kanhaiya Kumar). While filing nominations from the BegusaraiLokSabha constituency of Kanhaiya, Swaroop (Kanhaiya Kumar) wanted to be with him. SwaraBhaskar said in a statement, “This is an unusual way of celebrating a birthday.” But Kanhaiya Kumar is a friend and I think he is fighting an important battle from all of us. If he wins it will be the victory of Indian democracy.

What She Said


SwaraBhaskar, who is vocal about his socio-political stance, said that I have never been a part of the political campaign before, so I do not really know what to do. SwaraBhaskar said that he feels that he is associated with the thoughts of Kanhaiya as a devoted and patriotic citizen of the country. He said, “Kanhaiya Kumar raises the issues which all Indians are concerned about, such as constitutional values ​​and danger to the Indian Constitution, unemployment, the expulsion of mobs lining, the need for social justice and focus on those issues. Need, which will improve the lives of all Indians. SwaraBhaskar said that I feel that as responsible and patriotic Indians, we all should feel connected to this ideology or thought process. On the other hand, his supporters and friends are very happy with this move of Swara. JigneshMewani (JigneshMevani), MLA from Kanhaiya Kumar, thanked SwaraBhaskar, thanking the people of Kanhaiya Kumar, instead of taking gifts from others on his birthday,Swara gave a great speech to Begusarai’s people.

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