Tahira Kashyap Battles through Cancer Changes Her Attitude in Life

Tahira Kashyap

She had shared on social media he journey of battling cancer. Last year on 22nd September, Tahira received the grave news of being detected with DCIS in her right breast with high-grade malignant cells.

Tahira Kashyap

Chemotherapy effects

Tahira Kashyap posted a series of pictures of herself where you can easily notice the transformations she had been facing for chemotherapy. On Saturday, Tahira finally opens up on Instagram about the change in her attitude towards life. She opened up about the struggles she had faced as a cancer patient. She dedicated the post to all women of all shapes and sizes and also for the ones who get in distress after they lose their hair during or after chemotherapy.

She has gained a new perspective in life which was not there before. She explains her journey as in phases she had gone through. “The last couple of months have been an extreme case of metamorphosis for me. And I am not categorising it whether it was from a caterpillar to a butterfly phase or vice-versa. I could be the larva or the pupa or any other intermediate stage as each phase is unique and special.

A new Perspective and Outlook of Tahira

“But there is a deep sense of acceptance when it comes to the life cycle of this creature. Taking a ‘leaf’ from this caterpillar’s life, I feel I have undergone a tremendous change mentally and physically too.’ In a tough period of life, everybody has to go through some intermediate stage where slowly one discovers new stages which are unique and special. She further explains how she lost the urge of obsessing on long hairs, associating with beauty constantly with Rapunzel tresses.  She lost her insecurity and her stupid notion of beauty and her complexes after she got away from her hair. She states directly that though she is not sure yet whether she will keep long hair or not but she will not be hiding her face at any cost. She is extremely glad for being able to change her mindset for it needs a lot of courage to do so. She confesses that her biggest achievement is being able to change the mindset and perception of her seven year old son. He mentions that now his son proudly introduces her mom in a bald patch. She knows that she was the part of the change and she feels happy to be so.

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