Taimur’s New Found Game of pretending ‘Mediawale’ while he does Khichik Khichik

Taimur ali khan

Bollywood has a new face which is favourite to all. No, it is not Vicky Kaushal, not Sarah Ali Khan or any Bollywood actor. It is none other than the two-year-old Taimur, son of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. He is the cutest kid on the block who can make anyone’s day. Photographers don’t even mind for waiting outside his house for a straight 3-4 hours to take photographs of him. Paparazzi seem to be more into Taimur Ali Khan than Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. They follow Taimur everywhere- from his home to his playschool. And probably this is the reason why Kareena sometimes gets scared for Taimur’s security. However, they do not deny the papz to click Taimur’s photographs. Now, little Timtim even got used to the attention he gets from the media and often seem to greet his photographer friends as ‘media’.


Saif on Taimur’s New Game

While chatting in an interview with Hindustan Times, Saif talks about a very interesting game which Taimur is currently hooked upon. More than the parents, Kareena and Saif, Tim seems to be a media- savvy and calls the paparazzi as ‘media wale’. Little Tim seems to be taken his fancy for the paparazzi and that is why he goes on asking people at home to pose while he holds a camera phone in his hand. The little one even makes a sound of khichik khichik while taking photos. Well, it has to be Bebo’s son to pull off poses like that and also being the media savvy. This is just getting us more anxious to see him playing the game where he pretends to be the media. His adorable pictures can put a smile on anyone’s face. He is the favourite kid on the internet and we cannot go even one day without watching his pictures or videos.


Bebo on Taimur’s Naughty Phase

However, his mother, Bebo reveals another side of Taimur. Bebo reveals that he might be a cute kid but he does not fall back in being the naughtiest kid. Bebo mentions that Taimur is a terror at home and also says he is naughty just like his father, Saif. She even talks about the little one’s phase; “Now he’s going through this phase where everything is ‘Mama don’t laugh, Mama don’t cough, anything you’re doing Mama don’t do this.’ Because we are like Taimur don’t do that, so he’s picking up and telling us.” Well, surely with a bunch of cuteness, the little one is a naughty chap. And who does not love that?

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