The Aww-dorable snap of Padukone Sisters with Ranveer Singh

Padukone Sisters with Ranveer Singh

They are head over heels for each other. The couple was seen together attending a wedding ceremony of their friends. Ranveer Singh’s sweet gesture of holding his wife’s sandals so she finds it easier to move around as she steps on to the mandap wins our heart. How promptly Ranveer decides to hold her sandals made us gush over the couple. Fans went crazy seeing Gully Boy star Ranveer Singh’s such sweet gesture and ends up saying in sigh “Shohar ho toh Aisa”.

The Adorable Trio

When we concluded that there is nothing that can be more adorable than this, Deepika shares another post where she is seen squeezing between hubby Ranveer Singh and her sister Anisha Padukone. Their faces are literally beaming with happiness and they looked super cute together. After watching their adorable picture in the Instagram, the only song that plays in our mind is “ye bandhan to pyaar ka bandhan hai”. Deepika also wrote a caption with the picture which read: “cuddles & snuggles! smashed in the middle!”

Sister Anisha Padukone revealing about Deepika

A drastic change had been observed in Deepika Padukone’s personality after her marriage with Ranveer Singh. We surely like the happy and quirky side of Deepika who is at present more vocal about her life. Her sister Anisha on a chat show which was hosted by Neha Dhupia has jokingly remarked Deepika to be the most annoying, irritating sibling that one can have.

The sister, Anisha Padukone gives us an example to reveal how Deepika is a totally different person at work and home. She says “So, you have to imagine this visual of mine. It’s about seven in the morning. We’re both just about waking up. I think she had to head to the gym or something, so her alarm rings. And I’m tossing and turning, because I have heard her alarm. Our friend gets up and her pyjamas completely fall down and instead of picking up the pyjamas, she turns to me to see whether I’m awake. And I was just about opening my eyes, and I’m seeing all this happening”

Deepika Padukone will be seen next in her upcoming film Chhapak where she plays the role of Laxmi Agarwal who is an acid attack victim. The film is going to be released on 10th January 2020.

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