The Release of Much-Awaited Avatar 2 Delayed Again

Avatar 2

Hold on to your breath! Yes, it is official that the much-awaited sequel of Avatar is finally going to happen. Filmmaker James Cameron confirmed on the social media that the sequel to Avatar is going to be released in 2021. Well, Avengers: Endgame recently broke all kinds of box office records and this time it would be interesting to see if the highest grossing film in the history of cinema gets to defeat that. It won’t be wrong to say that the film will face quite a competition against Avengers: Endgame. But the ball seems to be rolling more over the Avatar’s side as Endgame still needs an extra of $600 million to become the ultimate all-time box-office hit. The 2019 film Avatar was an absolute epic and it is needless to say that we are expecting more this time.

Avatar 2

Groundbreaking Experience from Avatar 2019

The 2009 film showed us how actually humans, in order to find mineral and Unobtainum inhabited a place inside the galaxy which was called Pandora. The people residing in a place called Na’vi’s. The film had some groundbreaking special effects which are why it is a favourite of all. Cameron seems to have the masterpiece idea since a very long time but he waited for the technology to work perfectly. Avatar had actors like Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Jake Sully, Joel David Moore, Wes Studi, Dr. Max Patel, Dileep Rao, Sigourney Weaver and many more.

Avatar 2

Fans losing Patience for Avatar Sequel

It looks like the filmmaker is really testing our patience. The sequel at first was about to come in 2014 and then got delayed in 2017. And after so many years gone, James Cameron, the filmmaker pushed the release date again to 17 December 2021. This waiting is really making us all impatient. A report came in April that Michelle Yeoh will also be joining the franchise as a scientist. Well, it’s really needless to say how people are upset with such a long wait for the sequel to appear on the screen.

It literally feels like the fifth film will be taking place in 2027. It is confirmed that Jake and Neytiri will be having a daughter and it also been known that Kate Winslet may be a part of the Avatar 2. James Cameron becomes the victim of being a joke for being able to tweet only twice in the whole of 2018 about the sequel.

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