Watch: SRK & Salman Gelling Well At Arpita Khan's Wedding Reception

Watch: SRK & Salman Gelling Well At Arpita Khan's Wedding Reception

The more we hear about Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s coming together and having a blast on the latter’s little sister Arpita’s wedding reception, the more we get curious and greedy to check out the duo’s new-found bond with our own eyes! And guess what, we present to you a video that has the two Khans smiling, laughing, and joking together – all with a genuine display of emotions! Like a true gentleman, SRKeven escorted Salman’s mother, Salma Khan, till her car! Watch here!

Arpita Khan’s wedding reception took place in Mumbai on 21st November, after a grand wedding affair on 18th November at Hyderabad’s Falaknuma Palace. The two big occasions will be remembered for reasons more than one. Who’s who of the showbiz industry were seen at the events. Those who couldn’t make it to the wedding, ensured to congratulate the newly-weds at their Mumbai reception.

With Arpita’s wedding, we’ve not only witnessed Shah Rukh and Salman patching up, but we’ve been lucky enough to have read about Aamir too bonding with the other two Khans big time. The three Khans bonded like childhood pals a day prior to Salman’s sister Arpita’s wedding!

It’s been widely reported everywhere that the trio had a blast of a night, chatting away and having their moments of fun as well as emotional connect. The three patched up and how!

Letting bygones be bygones, SRK and Salman hugged it out on Arpita’s pre-wedding day. Apparently, the two danced together at the ceremony. Salman had also invited good buddy Aamir for the occasion, but the latter couldn’t make his presence to it, as he was in Delhi then. However, he made sure to connect with Salman and SRK through virtual media, and the three stars indulged into a long chat session over FaceTime. So much so that Aamir later told a leading news channel that SRK and Salman didn’t even let him sleep the whole night.

We wonder what SRK, Salman and Aamir must have talked about for so long! We surely want to get some inside details of the Khan-chat.

All said and done, that is definitely a happy and the most awaited re-union in B-Town. We wish to see and read more updates on this new Bollywood camaraderie.