The name of Baahubali has become household after the massive success of the film but simultaneously Prabhas is also gonna be the next most wanted bachelors of the whole country. Rana Daggubati who played the role of Bhalladev in the film has posted the matrimonial ad for his colleague Prabhas.

Apparently, there’s a pic of a girl which is doing rounds on the internet while claiming the girl has chosen by Prabhas’s parents for his marriage but the actor has put the rest on the rumours saying that “has not met his dream girl yet”.  In fact, on being asked if he was seeing someone, the actor had said “Oh yes, I am having a whirlwind affair with Baahubali, an affair I had been waiting for all my life.”

However, the picture was of a British-Indian actress, Priya Lal whom people are associating with Prabhas these days. Interestingly, after seeing all these consequences running around Prabhas’s marriage Rana extended his helping hands by posting a matrimonial ad on Twitter. The ad stated that the Girl should be attractive, enough to chase down a forest and drenched with Fighting skills.

However, the ad is for Baahubali, not Prabhas. Wanna see this? Come to the next slide!