ZEE5 has recently introduced a standup comedy series titled ‘Comedy shots’. It has provided a wonderful platform for viewers to enjoy a laugh ride with performers like Gaurav Kapoor, Pratyush Chaubey, Aadar Malik, Sumit Anand, Sanjay Rajouria, Sumaira Shaikh, Rahul Dua, and Anubhav Bassi on board.  Released on 7th June 2019, Comedy Shots is released on a weekly basis with two episodes per week. In the first bunch of episodes, we had Rahul Dua and Anubhav Bassi who took the audience on a fun-filled ride of Middle-Class Lifestyles and Nostalgic in their respective comedy sets. Before we begin talking about the episode, we highly recommend that you watch Comedy Shots on ZEE5. It ensures a fun time with loads of laughter.

People are starting to see the true essence of the stand-up comedy rather than enjoying it for a mere comfy and light feel. In the 21st century when everyone is living a fast-paced life and engaging themselves in a continuous argument on sexism, racism, terrorism and much other negativity stormed from the social media, this is a much-needed break from it to remain positive and maintain a healthy emotional state. Stand up comedy without any doubt is a great alternative to therapy, and it is indeed a bigger and better way to heal your soul and overdramatic mind that is continuously stressed out for something or the other.

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As we all know, laughter is the best medicine, stand up comedy artist Anubhav Bassi made sure to give us a perfect dose in his perfect way. His unique style of observing humans in the 21st century is remarkable. Anubhav Bassi had quite a roller coaster ride in his career, jumping from being a lawyer to an aspirant UPSC, stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur to becoming a stand-up comedian. In episode 2 ‘Nostalgia and Beer’ of Comedy Shots, Anubhav Bassi is found talking about India’s take on stand up comedy and their deep attachment to all nostalgic things, and he also narrates a funny yet serious experience of a government hospital.

Anubhav Bassi, unlike other stand-up comedians, started the show with strategically knowing first about what kind of audience and age group he is dealing with, which was rather interesting to watch. He gives a very sarcastic note on how Indians who still does not fully welcome new things and instead hold onto the old things that makes them nostalgic. He mentions that Indians have a deep connection with nostalgia and still not ready to accept new things. People in India find silly YouTube videos to be funny rather than attending one stand up comedy. He narrates his encounter with an Australian lad. “Usne Mujhe Bola Kya Karta Hai Tu? Maine Kaha, I’m a stand-up comedian. Usne Kaha wow! You must be talented. Yeh word Toh Suni Nahi Kabhi Yaha. Shaadi main Yaha uncle Puche kya Karte Ho? Toh Kehta hu I am a comedian, Toh Kehta Wo, Acha Aur Kuch Ho Nahi Raha Tha Tumse”.

Anubhav Bassi

Anubhav had a pretty hard time to understand what Tiktok is at first, but later when he found himself in a tiktok video, he tore apart from inside in thinking what the country has turned into. His comic line on Tiktok topic was on, “Hai Ram, itne Zahil Log Kaha Se Agaye is Desh Mein.” He further says Tiktok ban was rather a rightful decision made by the Supreme Court. His best joke probably would be “Tiktok Kanoon Se Bhi Nahi Dekha Gaya” where the audience started cheering and laughing together.

Comedy Shots

He goes on narrating an epic incident that he had faced with Government Hospital. He starts the incident with, “Tumhe Lagta Comedy shows Sabse funny Hai? Nahi! Tum Government Hospital Jao.” He talks about the awful condition of the Government hospital where after severe pain in the kidney, he was being waited for more than 15 minutes just to hear that he have to go to another hospital. But his visit to the other hospital gave him a painful sight of patients suffering tremendously. Seeing them, he mentions his own pain seemed small. A drunkard there asked the doctor, “Mere Nashe Utar do”. Anubhav’s comment on the incident “Nimboo Thodi Hain Doctor” filled the audience with a burst of huge laughter and big claps. But the joke that came as a blast was “Is Kamre main delivery Horahi Hain, Isme Maute Hui, Yahase Aatma Nikalke Yahi Chalija, Bhagwaan Copy Paste Karwa Raha He”. This line was possibly the best punch line of the entire episode.

Anyway, standup comedy is much needed for the world we are living now in as they are the perfect tool for changing people’s moods and it can be a great stress buster for people. Since Comedy Shots seem to bring all the rightful ingredients, you should be all set for a fun weekend binge.