Salman Khan and Hina Khan (picture courtesy: youtube)

Salman Khan is extremely angry and upset with Bigg Boss contestant and finalist Hina Khan. This isnt the first time the reality TV show host has admonished the TV actress on national television. Hina has stooped so low inside the show with her judgemental attitude and behaviour that Salman had to intervene and give her a piece of his mind. Scroll down to see what went down!

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Salman Khan and Hina Khan (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)

So the contestants family members have been invited on the show this week and they have been asked to put their views down, if they have any. Here, Puneesh’s apparent girlfriend Bandgi Kalra points out that Hina had commented on Puneesh’s appearance. Hina naturally denied all the accusations and pretended like she had done nothing. Salman here stumped her off by saying that she changes her statement all the time. “Hina aap statements baar baar badalti rehti hai”  said the actor.


Hina might not have commented on Puneesh’s looks as such but she did make fun of his teeth. The video above is proof! Make sure to have a look at it. Here’s another one:


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