Vikas Gupta In Bigg Boss (picture courtesy: twitter)

The house of Bigg Boss 11 is slowly turning into a house of controversies- thanks to Vikas Gupta who confessed something really dirty about himself. The finalist who has been playing a real good game as of now talked about going to a cyber café once where he encountered a funny incident. What actually happened will make you laugh and slightly grossed out. Scroll down to read what unfolded inside the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 11 (picture courtesy: twitter)

So Vikas told his mom that he’s bunking school and took some money from her. He also revealed that he went with some friends to a cyber café to surf the internet and get hold of some adult stuff. Everything was going just fine when they suddenly heard noises from the cubicle near and when they looked, it was a young couple making out. Vikas and his friends decided to let go of what was happening on the screen and enjoyed the live view. Here’s a view of the conversation that happened.