Hina Khan during the promotional event (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Bigg Boss 11 finalist Hina Khan has been hogging all the negative limelight once again. The actress who has reached the top 4 along with Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi attended a publicity event at a mall where she requested people to vote for her. Everyone knows what a big celebrity Hina Khan is and that her social media prowess is insanely huge. So she did have a little trouble while walking out. In a video that circulated on social media showed that poor Hina was almost groped and molested in public. What’s worse is that she had her hair pulled which lead to some screaming and shouting. But if you take a very close look at the video, you will realise that probably what we have been told is not true. Scroll down to read what actually might have happened.

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In this video, you can see Hina Khan who is stuck in the crowd, trying her level best to get out when all of a sudden, she begins screaming. Naturally, anyone would say that she is being pulled from behind but we can tell you why we feel there is not enough truth in this.

Hina Khan pulling her hair to the front (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Firstly, this screenshot shows that Hina is pulling her hair back. Of course, her hair is being touched but she is doing it on her own so that it is easy for her to leave. Plus, when she was screaming, several fans suggested that she was doing it on purpose to show her attitude and that she was not all that hurt and upset. What we are surprised reading is that for the first time, Bigg Boss allowed celebs to mingle with fans so closely. The last couple seasons, we have seen the celebs engage with fans but only from a cage or a distance. But this time, they were way too close. How much of this is actually true? Was Hina actually doing it to gain some attention? Or was it something else? Only the actress will be able to tell.

Here’s some photos from the promotional event!

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