Salman Khan and Riya Sen (picture courtesy: indiatimes and instagram)

Bigg Boss 11 is all set to hit the screen soon and from what we can tell, it’s going to be super exciting. The show featuring Salman Khan has host will have commoners and celebrities both at the house with the concept of ‘neighbours’. Although we are unsure what exactly is going to happen on the show, we sure can confirm a few contestants. After all, the makers have themselves given us a few names. Scroll down to find out who has made it to the list.

Halima Matlub (picture courtesy: Instagram)

The last few days, we saw a photo of this beauty. Bigg Boss didn’t reveal her true identity but us fans were wondering who she could actually be. Turns out she is a British model Halima Matlub. Some also claim she is a Turkish author Betul Elodan. By the looks of her face you can tell how gorgeous and beautiful this Turkish beauty is. We are sure she’s going to get all the attention from the male contestants and fans too.

Harsh Beniwal (picture courtesy: Instagram)

The second contestants the makers have confirmed is Harsh Beniwal. When his photo was uploaded on the official Bigg Boss page, fans though he was comedian Zakir Khan but turns out it’s Harsh. Harsh is also a very famous comedian and has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram. He will for sure make people laugh once he enters the house.

The rest of the contestants are not yet confirmed but there is a huge chance we will get to see them on the show. Here’s a look at those guys.

Varun Sood (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Varun Sood, Roadies and Splitsvilla fame is bound to do a fabulous job if he gets a shot on the show. The 23 year old is full of passion, is adorable to look at and will surely get some crazy female attention. Some say he is a confirmed contestant but we are yet to hear official news about this chap.

Sahil Khan (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Remember the guy from Style? Sahil Khan has been promoting his fit lifestyle daily these days. Not only that, hes a hit amongst women and has this Dan Bilzerian sort of impression of himself. His photos with women in bikinis recently went viral on social media and some say he will be on Bigg Boss 11 this season.

Niti Taylor (picture courtesy: Instagram)

TV actress and Delhi girl Niti Taylor is one of the most talked celebrities these days- thanks to rumours that she’s about to become a part of the show. Niti hasn’t given us any official confirmation yet but we are hoping to see that innocent, beautiful face turn up. It surely would be exciting to see her.

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Riya Sen (picture courtesy: filmibeat)

Riya Sen too is on the list at the moment. The former Bollywood actress who comes from a royal family has got married just recently and had a fancy reception too. Reports say that she is expected to be on Bigg Boss 11 but we have got no such confirmation from the actress.


Cezanne Khan (picture courtesy: Instagram)

The final guy on our list is Cezanne Khan. This celebrity was last seen as Anurag in Kasauti Zindai Ki after which he barely turned up. Cezanne has been off camera for years now and reports say that he will turn up on Bigg Boss this year. We don’t have official updates but as of now, he is one guy we can expect to see on the show.