Oblivion: Let’s talk about it?

Oblivion: Let’s talk about it?

Well, to clearly point out, Oblivion is a sci- fi flick directed by Joseph Kosinski and it surely looks a stunner! Though, some will say that the movie is very much similar to Wall-E in its plotline, yet, the treatment meted out is different than the former. Like most other sci- fi flicks, Oblivion too has some elements that may look clichéd but it is almost the same for such movies.

The plot of the flick may seem to have been seen many times before, but succeeds in creating interest. The only reason, some might say is Tom Cruise who is like a phenomena, and we as viewers cannot help but appreciate his enigma every time this actor makes a celluloid appearance. In the flick we see a court-martialed soldier being sent to a planet to eradicate a species of aliens that are deemed dangerous to the human kind and hence, must be eliminated.  The space journey that follows subsequently opens up many new doors of self discovery when Tom comes face to face with a fellow traveler and from there begins the journey to save humankind.

The flick has enough metal to keep viewers hooked. There are actors like Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Melissa Leo and Andrea Riseborough that have been signed aboard. Like most sci fi thrillers, this movie too has some great visual effects that are worth a watch and has been produced by the makers of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Like mentioned above, the flick has some elements similar as that of an animated flick Wall-E, however, there isn’t another thing that could be related closely to it. Unlike Wall-E, Oblivion shows the journey of redemption and discovery of a man when he tries saving the world.

The internet is filled with many new trailers of Oblivion that are being watched by millions across the globe. There is particularly one trailer that has been skillfully made by mixing together the visuals and audio of Wall-E and Oblivion thereby lending a typically spooky thrill to the whole thing. Giant Mimosas, the YouTube user is the person behind such a mash up that is being viewed by the hour and has helped Mimosas to generate good publicity for themselves.
The movie is releasing on April 11th and is being marketed aggressively by promoters. The flick also stars Nikolaj Coster Waldau who has acted in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and has been cast with Tom Cruise.  The audiences would also see the comeback of Olga Kurylenko, the beautiful and sexy Bond girl that took many a men’s breath away when she appeared alongside Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. In an interview with the Daily Mail U.K, Olga confessed that she was in total awe of Tom and could watch the actor all the time. Much to the viewer’s delight, the actress finds Tom really fascinating.

Oblivion is a definitely a great sci- fi flick that needs to be watched for its aesthetical treatment both in front as well as back of the  camera.