Amour Movie Preview

Amour Movie Preview

If watching heart wrenching movies is your kind of thing, the flick Amour directed by Michael Haneke is your ultimate choice, simply because the movie is a saga of raw emotions that haunt humankind. The plot deals with an elderly couple named Georges and Anne whose only daughter gets an attack, only to test the patience and love of her parents.

How they overcome this difficult time with the support of each other becomes the main theme for the movie.

While, the movie has received lot of accolades from various festivals in which it premiered, most important of them being the Cannes Film Festival, Amour is also one of the entries in the Foreign Language Film  category in the prestigious 85th Academy Awards for the year 2013.

The movie stars Jean-Louis Trintignant , the famous actor who was rumored to be involved with the actress Brigitte Bardot in the early 1950s. He has acted in a number of famous movies like The Conformist and Red. Jean plays the caring husband, Georges to Emmanuelle Riva, playing the role of Anne. Other actors include: Isabelle Huppert, Alexandre Tharaud and a host of other actors of high caliber.

The screenplay has been given by the director himself and released in France on May 20th 2012. Rated PG-13, the movie shows some graphic scenes that may disturb young minds. Hence, parental control is advised.

Amour has great caliber to be called a movie dealing with real human relations- the feeling of eternal love for a life partner. How life teaches humans to grow deeper bonds with one another forms the crux of this flick. While other movies deal with raw sexual and fairytale like love, Amour is a simple saga of relationships. Referred to as a refined movie, Amour exhibits a clinical type of film making for which Michael Hanake is famous for. The cinematography is superb with amazing lighting and background score. All this has been made possible by the famous personality Darius Khondji who also did work on Midnight in Paris.

With the main focus lying on the couple, the lead actors, Amour was also shown in The Sydney Film festival where it generated quite an interest. The movie has received great appreciation from the audience and has surely managed to rake in good mullah.

Though, a high voltage drama about emotions, the movie also successfully brings out the cruelties of the world in great detail. It is honest and precise. The director Michael Hanake has directed other fantastic films like The White Ribbon that catapulted him to popularity and stardom. While his earlier movie showcased some real world landscape, Amour has been shot mainly in the couple’s apartment. Emmanuelle Riva has starred in other movies like Mon Amour, classics that have most people surprised and excited. 

Fans have to watch this movie to find out the true meaning of love and dedication. What lies ahead in the future is unknown, but, with someone with whom you can share your entire life can change the very turn of events and make life worth living. Amour is a  movie that has to be seen to experience love.