Mark Wahlberg and Russel Crowe take the limelight in the dark and disturbing crime thriller Broken City. The ex-model Wahlberg plays former cop Billy Taggartwho beings following the wife of New York City mayor and goes onto unravel a scandal that leaves a political rival dead.

The broken city is a place rife with injustice and its down to Taggart (Wahlberg) to set the record straight by seeking justice and revenge.  Double crossed by the city’s mayor (Crowe) the ex-cop starts an unstoppable rampage that will turn everyone’s life upside down. The films slogan says ‘Proof can be a powerful weapon’ as we are about to find out.

The film has been compared to the 1996 movie ‘City Hall’ featuring John Cusack. Yet Broken City is a film set unflinchingly in the present with Kayne West participating in the soundtrack and a full Hollywood lineup that will make your mouth water.

Director Allen Hughes seems to find his niche with producing violent and visceral movies his past films have included The Book of Eli, From Hell and the Menace II Society. Hughes employs an all-star cast to perform in his latest silver screen offering. Amongst the star studded credits you will recognize Gladiators star Russel Crow and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Welsh born starlet Zeta Jones started small with an unassuming role in a British TV series, she found her big break next to the swashbuckling Antonio Banderas in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster ‘The Mask of Zorro’. Since then her fame has shot to major Hollywood proportions fueled by her marriage to the seasoned and well known star Michael Douglas. She took a brief break from acting last year after being diagnosed with bi polar disorder after she suffered threats from stalker Dawnette Knight who set out to destroy Zeta Jones with death threats claiming to be in love with Michael Douglas. Lovebirds, Jones and Douglas recently declared the bi polar diagnosis and turbulent history has only made them stronger.

Yet now she is back on track and back where she belongs playing the lead female role in Allen Hughes latest sublime cinema offering. Yet Zeta Jones isn’t the only star of the show whose personal life has been under scrutiny. Costar Crowe has long been under the gleaming eye of the public press. The gladiator star is well known for having a strong temper that he struggles to keep under wraps. It’s rumored on the red carpet that he has recently split from his musician wife Danielle Spencer after spending a summer in strife.

Filming for the crime blockbuster has already begun on location in New York this month, but the movie isn’t set to hit local cinemas until January 2013. The same weekend its set for release will see the crime drama up against the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. The gloves are off and let’s see who can smash the box office in best new film of 2013.