Bullet To The Head Movie Preview

Bullet To The Head Movie Preview

It’s not hard to figure out what’s on offer in Walter Hills latest high action drama Bullet to the Head, yes expect plenty of bullets, plenty of shirtless shots of Sylvester Stallone and plenty of cringe worthy script moments. Yet still if you are a lover of things that go bang you will be well inclined to grab a ticket to the silver screen smash early in 2013.

In this big bang action Sylvester Stallone plays a hit man who teams up with a young detective to bring down a common enemy in the seedy back alleys of downtrodden New Orleans.  Sure it sounds messy but that’s only the beginning n of what’s to come…

Walter Hill is no stranger when it comes to male dominated action films and Westerns to boot. He’s responsible for feature films such as Last Man Standing and The Getaway. Yet it also seems Walter Hill has a passion for the other side as he can always be found on the co-producers list for out of this world movies such as Aliens and Prometheus.

It seems Hill sure knew what he was doing when he cast veteran action man Sylvester Stallone. The muscle man is best known for his role as Rocky Balboa and the all-out killing machine Rambo. He’s known fondly in tinsel town as the Italian stallion and despite a small slump in his acting career the heavyweight boxer is back on top with box office blockbusters such as The Expendables. Despite being such a tough nut on screen it seems Stallone breaks quite easily. Its reported that on the set of Rocky and The Expendables the stallion insisted on performing his own stunts, both times he ended up in hospital, once in intensive care for four days after telling Dolph Lundgren to punch him in the chest as hard as he could and the second time with a broken neck.

Playing alongside the Italian Stallion as the Washington whippersnapper detective is Suang Kang who you may recognize from The Fast and the Furious, Ninja Assassin and Knight Rider.

Bullet to the Head is based loosely upon the graphic novel with the same name. No doubt the graphic novel offered a dark and disturbing tale but it seems in Walter Hill’s version Stallone spends his time smacking and joking his way through the script.

The film is obviously B list material with an A list cast and the kind of thing you have to take with your tongue firmly wedged in your cheek. It’s a rock ‘em and sock ‘em style of action thriller that manages to sweep you up in the high tail action despite the laugh out loud moments.

Plenty of old school mayhem, chases scenes, bullets flying and hard man antics is well worth the ticket price. It set to be released the 1st of February so you may want to get your viewing in before Valentine’s day hits and your forced into watching some dodgy rom com with your date.