Escape From the Planet Earth Movie Preview

Escape From Planet Earth Movie Preview

3D family comedies are always a crowd pleaser and let’s hope the same can be said about the latest offering from Rainmaker Entertainment and director Callan Brunker.

This space age computer animated epic tells the tale of scorch supernova, the most admired astronaut on the blue planet Baab. Notorious for his daring rescues Scorch and his nerdy brother Gary find themselves up the river when they respond to an SOS from a well-known dangerous alien planet.

There’s an all-star lineup of voice overs in this family friendly escapade. Funny man Brendon Fraser plays the lead as Scorch Supernova; Fraser has appeared in plenty of kid’s comedies including George of the Jungle, Looney Tunes Back in Action and adventure epics The Mummy.

Robb Corddry plays his geektastic brother Gary, Cordrrey has long been a familiar face in the Hollywood comedy circuit with titles under his belt such as Hot Tub Time Machines, Harold and Kumar and Blades of Glory.

Other big name stars set to lend their voices to the silver screen on Valentine’s Day are Jessica Alba (Sin City), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and James Gandolfini (The Sopranos).

This will be Cal Brunkers debut as a director. Despite working on many films previously as an animator and story board artist he has never held the reigns before. He has managed to assemble quite a cast so fingers crossed Valentine’s Day won’t see him heartbroken after the critics are done.

Whilst Disney and Pixar have gained control of the market when it comes to animated classics we are left wondering whether there is room for anyone else to have a shot. Somehow the other animated films don’t usually have the class and precision that comes with the big name studios. Yet Escape from Planet Earth seems to have it all on the surface, not only does it boast a red carpet cast, it also seems to have humor, love and plenty of explosions going on!

The cynics are already sighing into their coffee by stating that the trailer looks like the usual non Pixar computer animated fare. They seem to be out for blood already when it comes to Escape from Planet Earth stating that there is far too much over promotion in the trailer, the script designed for 13 year old kids reads as garbage and the whole outlook of the film seems despondently generic. Maybe a fair point but let us not forget the target audience in mind here – it’s for the kids! And sure it will make a change of scene to catch something other than feel good soppy movies this Valentine’s Day.

Will Escape from Planet Earth hit the mark or miss completely and can audience goers overcome their loathe of Sarah Jessica Parker when ti comes to judging the film? Well we only have a few months to find out if it’s back to the drawing board for first time director Cal Brunker.