Warm Bodies Movie Preview

Warm Bodies Movie Preview

With the Mayan apocalypse on everybody’s mind this year we have all become a little obsessed with the idea of a zombie invasion. Director Jonathon Levine is taking full advantage of our macabre minds with his latest zombie love story Warm Bodies .

The film is based upon the cult novel of the same name by Isaac Marion. The story follows R the Zombie as he stumbles into a small American town after the apocalypse. After feasting on the brain of a local teenager R becomes infatuated with the all American blonde haired, blue eyes girl Julie Grigio.

Teen romances with the occult have become increasingly popular after the blockbuster hit series of Twilight. It’s no surprise to learn that Summit Entertainment the same backers behind the vampire love saga is also backing Warm Bodies. Twilight had received scores of fan followers and critiques alike. So will Warm Bodies step the game up or is it just another groan fest? Judging by the release poster the same makeup artist has been employed as the dark haired, pale skinned zombie could easily be mistaken for vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen.

Nicholas Hoult plays the blood thirsty moaning zombie out for Julie’s love. The sharp faced and chiseled young actor played the lead as Tony in Channel 4’s hit TV show all about drugs and teen angst in Skins. You may also recognize him from About a Boy and X men. Since 2011 he has been dating X men costar Jennifer Lawrence.

Yet in Warm Bodies his leading lady is played by Teresa Palmer. Palmer may look like the all American high school sweetheart but the young dazzling actress was actually born in Australia. Palmer doesn’t have a high number of films under her belt but she did play a major role in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The big star on campus is John Malkovitch playing General Grigio.

The debut novel by Isaac Marion was well received by literary critics stating the book was ruefully humorous and gruesome yet poetic. The adaptation of the film to book was inevitable yet the director had to find a way of getting around the fact that the zombies can’t talk. In the film they can only grunt and groan which is why it was decided extensive voice over would be sued to slip inside the zombies mind.

Levine has stated that he is a little nervous on how the zombie die-hard fans will receive the twist in the tale. He admits that some liberty has been taken with the age old myth but he hopes the lovers of Evil Dead can remain open minded.

This offbeat romance is expected to hit cinemas in   making it the perfect valentines treat for lovers across the globe. If we do all survive the Zombie apocalypse be sure to get down and find out if Levine has successfully managed to take paranormal romance into his own hands by offering something totally unique.