No matter what age you are; everyone has a secret love for all things Pixar. Perhaps the very favorite of these lovely, cuddly animated movies being Monsters Inc. For those of you who failed to catch it on the big screen the first time round; the Gods of cinema are giving you a second chance. HURRAH!

This December you can enjoy all the antics of Mike and Sulley in full on animated 3D action. Originally released in 2001, the tale of the two monsters and the small girl, Boo who disrupts their world by entering Monstropolis, was a box office smash, grossing over 500 million in its two dimension form. With the tag team comedy duo of James Goodman and Billy Crystal there was no wonder the film pulled in an Oscar. You may also recognize the voices of Steve Buscemi from The Big Lebowski and James Coburn from The Magnificent Seven. Co-directors David Silverman and Lee Unkrich are no strangers to success, they both have big titles tucked under their belt, Silverman directed Up and Unkrich was responsible for Toy Story 3.

So what new found joys can we expect from seeing the monsters back in action in 3D? There can be no doubt that Monsters Inc. is Pixar’s most beloved offering to kids and adults alike, it’s a visual treat full of color. With technology moving swiftly forward the animation of 2001 may seem a little outdated, but now with the revamp of 3D technology you can anticipate losing yourself in the depths of Disney imagination. This animated classic will be hitting the big screen just in time for the festive season, preceding the long awaited prequel of Monsters University.

After the popularity of releasing Lion King and Beauty and the Beast in shiny new 3D format, there’s no doubt that Monsters Inc. rerelease will pack pre-Christmas cinemas to the rafters.

So with the cold nights closing in fast there’s no better seasonal treat then getting down to a cinema near you and enjoying some of the latest big screen offerings.