Don’t go by the looks of the poster as some would simply say that Tina Fey looks ridiculous in the poster of the flick Admission. Jokes apart, ‘Admission’ is a comedy flick that follows the story of an admission officer played by Fey who comes face to face with her ‘could be’ son who comes to Princeton to gain admission. What encompasses when Fey realizes that she could be the mother of Jeremiah and makes ways to give him admission lies the crux of the flick. helmer Paul Weitz’s brought two very talented actors together. Tina Fay and Paul Rudd are finally together. Based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s 2009 bestselling novel  Admission” revolves around straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) who lives by the book.

To see Tina Fey play the character role of Portia Nathan, the career oriented woman is simply awesome and would surely bring a 1000 watt smile on your face. Not only is the movie an entertainer, it is educative as well. It deals with the complex subject pressing many youngsters today- the laborious process involved in getting admission in any good college. The message is aptly conveyed but in a light hearted manner.
The cast and director of the flick have already given appearances in front of many college journalists and have time and again pointed out the social and compelling topic that drives many young minds crazy and apprehensive now days. The press conference was highly talked about and has since managed to capture the attention of many teenagers. The flick just shows the reality of admission procedures followed worldwide and creates no false hopes.  Tina was found to enjoy her time shooting inside the campus of Princeton and loved to hear the students sing a Cappella song, much to her heart’s content.

Producer Andrew Miano said, “Paul Rudd was the ideal actor because he is so versatile; he goes from indie films to laugh-out-loud popular comedies to edgy stage work.” Paul Rudd

Producer Kerry Kohansky-Roberts adds, “When they were at school together at Dartmouth, John perhaps had a crush on Portia. She’s taught herself to forget a lot of what went on for her there. Now, though, there’s a spark between them as John wants Portia to make the maternal connection with Jeremiah. We knew that Paul Rudd partnering on-screen with Tina Fey could make these emotional sea changes persuasive.”

However, for some who have read the book by the same name, feel that the flick isn’t a comedy but a drama that presses on the issue hard. Whatever said and done, the promos and trailers look good and justify the comic element. One should watch this movie for Tina who has given an applaudable performance as Portia. She looks as terrific as she looked in 30s Rock. Admission releases on March 22.