Fat girls and hot images seem to be strangers who barely meet. At least, that is the case when it comes to social media. Those have a fit bod are flaunting it (much to the envy of others). And those who don’t, are hiding themselves in such a manner that nobody can spot them.

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But such is not the case with small screen actress Rytasha Rathore. The Badho Bahu actress who plays an overweight girl who is married to a handsome hunk, is curvy in her real life and is not afraid of any trolls that would come her way of looking good and posting her pictures on Instagram.

Rytasha Rathore unapologetically dresses up in the attires she loves, and is content with her plus size body. She also recently slipped into a bikini and had a fun time with her besties in the pool, the photos of which were all over the social media. And we’re pleasantly surprised with her body positive approach.

Little black dresses, bikinis, off shoulder gowns, cleavage bearing dresses – you name it, and she’s worn it. Not every curvy girl ought to drape herself in the humble nine yards and always let the world know how ‘saree’ she is feeling about her round and round body. And Rytasha’s way of living life is what we’re liking a lot.

Rytasha was in Goa a few months ago, and is currently holidaying in Kerala. Her Insta uploads are reflecting her glee and contentment with her life, and this is kind of sending off very optimistic vibes amongst her followers.

Hope she keeps up with her happiness and spreads the positive note aloud.

Here are some more photographs of Rytasha….

Mahsulf slo mo momo. #Video #Slomo

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