Bigg Boss has been entertaining us from a very long time. Bigg Boss host and superstar Salman Khan has been part of the show from last 7 years. Salman has been extremely disappointed with the producers for picking such dishonorable contenders. The actor has been hosting the show since Bigg Boss 4, but Bigg Boss 10 seems to be the worst one till now. But now, here is some heart breaking news for all the fans of the show.

Salman believes that show has done damage to his image and that is the reason he may quit the show. Salman Khan was heard saying, ‘I am so busy with my other commitments, I have quite a lot on my own plate, and then handling some of these ‘atarangi’ contestants in the Bigg Boss house, is a bit too much. They think that creating all this ruckus will give them more footage, it’s insane behaviour, not sure if I want to handle this!