No wonder they say this year’s Bigg Boss is the weirdest of all seasons, for we now agree to all such comments. Why? For one, this year’s show gives us eery vibes of being scripted, and secondly, most of the contestants have such conflicting personalities and backgrounds, that sometimes we wonder what a drastic combo it is to have them all together.

This time, under the spotlight are Akash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde. If Shilpa Shinde walked into the Bigg Boss 11 house to get back her fame, she must be ensured that she’s again a household name, albeit for not so pleasing reasons. The reason being Akash Dadlani.

Apparently, Akash Dadlani has been addressing her as ‘maa’ in the house, and is often heard referring to her as a mother figure. But, thanks to leaked videos and unseen images — in case you missed the show — a few moments of Akash and Shilpa have come to the fore, which hardly adds to their already controversial image to the viewers.

Akash has been spotted many-a-times planting a kiss on Shilpa’s cheeks. Every now and then, he has been spotted doing that, and if not a passionate one, it does not seem to be platonic either.

Initially, the kisses seemed forced, but later, the ‘mmwaaahs’ have been reciprocated by Shilpa too, and it all looks fun, but of a weird kind.

Akash was also seen seated in Shilpa’s lap and asking her to kiss him. Now, here’s the real deal — as per reports, in one of the episodes, Akash Dadlani has also specified that he doesn’t think of Shilpa as his ‘real mother’ of sorts. So, maybe it (referring to her as ‘maa’) was just a joke. Phew!