Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma’s affair, so far, has been one of the talking points of Bigg Boss 11, due to a lot of reasons. While a good part of viewers are aghast at the fact that both of them are seeing each other despite being involved in relationships outside, many industry insiders strongly feel that theirs is a fake affair only to increase their shelf life inside the house.

They were also spoken about on social media for their unapologetic intimacy inside the house, despite Salman Khan’s warnings. And now, their relationship has taken another shocking turn which is, in a way, quite predictable.

Bandgi was heard insisting on breaking up with Puneesh Sharma. Her reason for the breakup is not related to their compatibility, but the fact that perhaps all the house mates are not too comfortable with their liasion. Here’s the video that’s turning viral property on social media.

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Bandgi Kalra & Puneesh Sharma, even if they part ways, have already become household names, courtesy their controversies since the past month and their TRP raising hot moments. Let’s see what the future holds for their affair.

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