Puneesh Sharma has separated from his wife and also filed for a divorce (Pic Courtesy: Twitter/Instagram)

He spoke of his riches and lavish lifestyle, he boasted of a huge fanbase and a larger-than-you-think bank account. He said he will bring “class to the house which other commoners don’t have”, but did you know that he also brought a set of “lies” that perhaps other contestants haven’t (or have!)? Here’s revealing something more about the Richie Rich Bigg Boss 11 contestant – Puneesh Sharma.

Puneesh Sharma is in the construction business and also owns the Playboy Club in Delhi (Pic courtesy: zeenews)

34-year-old Puneesh Sharma, one of the controversial commoners inside the Bigg Boss 11 house, who is said to be getting a bit too close with 24-year-old co-contestant Bandgi Kalra, is a married man. While he may have announced himself as “single and ready to mingle”, turns out the reality is totally the opposite.

Puneesh Sharma has been getting way too flirty with Bandgi Kalra (Pic Courtesy: htmedia)

A source has confirmed to Movie Review Preview that, “Puneesh, who is almost 34-year-old, has not only lied about his age at the reality show, he has also hidden his marital status. He is, at present, separated from his wife and has filed papers for divorce.”

Wake up! Take a shower! Eat a little! Drink often! Party hard!

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Puneesh Sharma introduced himself as a rich, single guy who is in the construction business and has  a major fan following since he also invests some of his money in Delhi’s nightclubs, hence he’s famous amongst the city’s young crowd. He claimed that not only does he live an indulgent lifestyle equivalent to most celebrities, he also intends to attract more and more women inside the house, since he’s used to the attention of ladies, always.

“The reason he has separated from his wife and wants a divorce because she couldn’t live upto his playboy lifestlye,” adds the source who has also revealed that he is not so much a known part of the popular club which he brags about.

Is Puneesh faking singledom to carry on his flirting with Bandgi Kalra who has no clue about his personal life? (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/biggboss1or1)

It seems he did not mention his married status while auditioning for the show as well. Watch how overconfident he is in this hilarious audition video….

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