Monalisa (picture courtesy: instagram)

With the ending of Bigg Boss 10, celebrities and commoners have both gone back to their normal lives, especially actors who’ve got a lot on their shoulders already. Monalisa who got married on the show to her long term boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot posted on Instagram regarding her future plans and what she’s upto now that the show has come to an end. Scroll down to find out.

Monalisa (picture courtesy: instagram)

Monalisa posted on Instagram a photo with Vikrant and showed her excitement towards working with him in this new Bhojpuri film called Jai Shree Ram. The actress has already got pretty busy and after receiving fame on Bigg Boss, she is flooded with so many offers. Earlier the whole of UP and Bihar knew her but now it seems like everyone knows who Monalisa is.

Monalisa and Vikram Singh Rajpoot (picture courtesy: instagram)

Monalisa was one of the most loved and desirable contestants on the show. People loved her for being dramatic and cute. She also kept the viewers engaged the whole time because of her sexy moves first thing in the morning. Also her stint with Manu Punjabi worked magic!

Check out her HOT song that got viral after she came on Bigg Boss!