Obviously, all eyes on Nitibha since the Manveer’s hidden marriage video came out because as we all know something was definitely brewing between Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul in the Bigg Boss house. Followers of #NitVeer couldn’t stop themselves in making cute videos featuring them, or even referring to Nitibha as bhabi. But finally Nitibha has given her reaction to all this marriage fiasco she says

“I don’t want to talk anything about Manveer’s wedding for now. I will talk at some later date. For now, I can only say that I was not involved with him.”

Her friend, who prefers to remain unknown said

“Listen, Nitibha is shocked. She won’t talk right now. Please don’t push her to say anything. She will definitely spill the beans on Manveer when the time is right and she wants to.”

Well, we will also wait for that time when Nitibha speaks more than that she wasn’t involved with him and speaks after a while. Till then we will be considered her as a shocked person after seeing Manveer’s video.