Manveer Gurjar (picture courtesy: indianexpress)

Not only that but this abusive video also came out. Manveer was apparently married from beforehand. Those of you who were wondering he was serious about Nitibha Kaul definitely need to see this. Manveer’s sister in law had recently told us in an interview that they don’t prefer someone like Nitibha as there is nothing homely about her. Little did we know that this guy was already married from before.

Manveer Gurjar (picture courtesy: indianexpress)

Winner of Bigg Boss 10 Manveer Gurjar might be doing rounds all over social media due to his recent success but what happened right after has changed his life right after. The recently turned celebrity who swore to the world he was single and apparently got into a relationship with housemate Nitibha Kaul had a video of himself circulate all over social media. Apparently this sudden change in his life has affected him a lot. Manveer has now done something very drastic we just couldn’t ignore. Scroll down to find out what it was.

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Manveer is definitely not the single man we had thought. A latest report from Bollywoodlife tells us that the Bigg Boss winner has locked himself in a farmhouse after the wedding was leaked all over the media. The BL report also put forward the following statement.

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Manveer’s family along with a huge number of people from his hometown were eagerly waiting for him, but he decided to meet his friends first. This hasn’t gone down well with his father, who is quite pissed with Manveer. They are trying to contact him, but he has switched off his phone and has refused to leave his friend’s farmhouse.”

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