Goss is that Dennis Nagpal is waiting for the right time to speak up (Pic Courtesy: colors/Twitter)

It’s been one helluva first few days of Bigg Boss 11, and fights, controversies, police complaints, running away — the show has seen it all. Another thing that the reality show has witnessed is an apparently blooming love story brewing between Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra.

Puneesh plants a kiss on Bandgi Kalra’s hands when the lights go off inside the Bigg Boss 11 house (Pic Courtesy: voot/colors)

Ever since Puneesh and Bandgi were seen getting all flirty, all eyes were set on them. And since 2 nights, as the lights go off, we see Bandgi & Puneesh chit chat privately. Last night, Puneesh even kept holding and kissing her hands. They got intimate in the dark. Puneesh says that he is not afraid of anyone and immediately plants a kiss on her neck. Though till now we have not seen Bandgi making a move, we’ve also noticed that she is happy and doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it.

Bandgi Kalra has been spotted with Dennis Nagpal at many occasions (Pic Courtesy: colors/Instagram)

Turns out that Bandgi Kalra already has a boyfriend named Dennis Nagpal, who is at a reputed level in the television industry. And Puneesh Sharma is also a friend of his.

Puneesh Kalra was spotted at Dennis Nagpal’s recent birthday bash in Delhi (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Kamaal R Khan has claimed via Twitter that since Bandgi and Puneesh are both friends of Nagpal, Colors has cheated on the audience by having friends of the casting director become contestants.

Dennis has, however, cleared the air, tweeting that he’s neither the co-director nor part of creative team of Bigg Boss.

A close friend of Dennis Nagpal informs us, “Yes, Dennis is part of the casting team of Bigg Boss & almost all non-fiction TV shows. Dennis & Bandgi began dating about 8-9 months ago. Bandgi met Puneesh at Dennis’ birthday bash in August this year at a club in Delhi.”

#dennisbirthdaycelebration??? #25thaugust2017 #memoriesmade ?

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His friend adds, “Dennis made sure in his birthday party that neither Puneesh nor Bandgi get to know they both have auditioned for Bigg Boss, maintaining professionalism even between the potential cast. But little did he know what’s going to happen inside the house.”

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma cozying up during the night? (Pic Courtesy: voot/colors)

“Initially, when Bandgi and Puneesh were sending flirtatious vibes to each other, Dennis thougt that they are doing it coz they knew each other and are comfortable in each other’s company inside the house, while all the rest are complete strangers to them. He also thought they might be faking closeness to increase their tenure inside the house. But to whom are they pretending everyday at around 4 am when the rest of the inmates were sleeping and the lights were off?”

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma cozying up during the night? (Pic Courtesy: voot/colors)

“Dennis is furious as social media too is following his personal life. While some are saying ‘You must wait and watch’, and ‘She might be just faking it’, others are compelling, ‘She doesn’t deserve you! otherwise she would have spoken to other inmates about you.”

We tried to contact Dennis Nagpal, but so far he have been unavailable and hasn’t replied to our calls and messages too. Perhaps he wants to wait before he speaks his mind to the world.

It would be interesting to see if Dennis Nagpal is called to the Bigg Boss house to either fix up or finish things with his present girlfriend & friend Puneesh.


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Meanwhile, he’s quiet, but his social media uploads makes us feel he’s getting quite emotional with whatever is happening.

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