Kapil Sharma's show is finally going off air and the reason is quite surprising (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

They say the life of a comedian is nothing like comedy. And Kapil Sharma just proved this adage right. The last 6 months have been so harsh on the standup-comedian-turned-anchor-turned-actor that he reportedly even got fatigued to the point of depression. However, Kapil denied it later, saying that he has been suffering from no such issues. But here’s unfolding the truth….

Kapil Sharma opens up about all the rumours regarding the closure of his show (Pic Courtesy: India Forums)

Much ado over his comedy prime-time sequence ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Goss had been flowing thick and strong that the show’s curtains might be pulled down by the channel Sony. But since, these rumours had done the rounds earlier too, and Kapil had denied them, we thought that this time around AGAIN — they are just going to go past our ears soon. TURNS OUT WE WERE WRONG. This time, THE SHOW IS REALLY GOING OFF AIR!

Kapil Sharma is seriously unwell (Pic Courtesy: Sonytv)

The reason behind the shutting down of The Kapil Sharma Show is Kapil’s ill health. In the past few weeks, many a times not only did Kapil played spoiled sport by making big Bollywood celebs wait for him, he was also unable to shoot many episodes. Due to this, the channel had no choice but to replay old episodes. This was not going down well by the audience. Hence, the decision to pull the show off air.

Kapil Sharma is going for a sabbatical soon (Pic Courtesy: indiatimes)

“Yes, I am just going to rest for some days. It is just a drop of a few episodes because I cannot ignore my health at this stage when my movie is also going to release and the coming schedule is going to be more hectic. I will come back with full force. I am thankful to the channel that they allowed me and did not put any pressure,” Kapil told the media.

What started with Kapil Sunil fight has now ended up in the show going off air (Pic Courtesy: rvcj.com)

But Kapil Sharma haters gotta wait before their bout of happiness. “Kapil has been under the weather for sometime now. Due to this, we have mutually agreed to take a short break. However, once Kapil has recovered completely, we will start shooting again. We value our relationship with Kapil and wish him a speedy recovery,” an official spokesperson from the channel told the media.

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