Kapil Sharma (picture courtesy: youtube and twitter)

The funniest comedian to exist so far on Indian television, Kapil Sharma has been making headlines daily for all the wrong reasons. The host of The Kapil Sharma Show has in the past got into a whole lot of controversy and drama- so much that his impression started to tarnish. Fortunately, the actor is now picking up the pace as he recovered from a sickness and made us laugh big time by talking to a fan who wanted to be introduced to Honey Singh.

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Kapil Sharma (picture courtesy: pinterest)

So Kapil from his official account on Twitter posted that he wanted to talk to his fans and that they should post questions if they have any regarding himself. Obviously the tweets started to flood in one by one and the actor really got into it. Several questions were regarding his upcoming movie Firangi and about it’s trailer launch and release date to which the comedian replied in a very, very sweet manner. Things started to get super funny, however, when a fan asked Kapil Sharma to introduce him to Honey Singh. What happened later was hilarious. Scroll down to see the tweets.

Fan tweets to Kapil Sharma (picture courtesy: twitter)

The young lad using Twitter apparently is a big fan of Honey Singh and he requested Kapil Sharma to help him out a little in this case. Although we are very sure he wasn’t expecting a reply, the comedian immediately came back with an even funnier response that will make you laugh too. Here’s what he said!

Kapil Sharma replying to fan’s tweet (picture courtesy: twitter)

We swear Kapil has an awesome sense of humour. We have rarely met a guy on the big screen who is as funny as him. The comedian is apparently having a rough time in his relationship with girlfriend Ginni Chatrath at the moment and is recovering from sickness at the same time. We wish Kapil speedy recovery and hope he comes back on the show super, super soon.