Mad Men: Mad About Mad Men Are We ?

Mad Men: Mad About Mad Men Are We ?

Television is like fashion- an era; a trend gets immensely popular only and dies in a few months, only to rise again, like phoenix rising from its ashes. So just like that the 60s are back! Mad Men Season-6, premiers with a massive 2 hour episode. Watching Mad Men is like being in a relationship, sometimes you want more out of it, where as sometimes, you just can’t wait to see what happens next.

Season 6 is packed with drama romance and turmoil. Set in 1967, it not just pans through Don, Betty Megan and other character’s personal life, but recreates the social crisis of that time. Those of you, who are in touch with your history, would recall, in 1967, Martin Luther King was assassinated; followed by mayhem in the society. The characters in Mad Men are not untouched by this turn of events. Work comes to a standstill, moving around the city is not such a carefree fun experience anymore.

Don, Betty and Megan’s relationship is as complicated as ever. The dynamics of a man and the two women in his life’ makes you wonder, what turn their life will take next. Don appears to be living a fantasy life with his wife and kid- a happy family, at Bobby’s summer camp. But instantly Betty brings him back to earth with a snide on Megan, “The poor girl doesn’t know that loving you is the worst way to get to you…”

Ted and Peggy’s kiss and the awkwardness after that seems so close to heart to many of us. Yes, flings at work place is a b***h! And Mad Men is so close to perfection and reality while depicting these dynamics. People are kidding themselves when they say ‘I keep my personal and professional life separate. Pete’s personal crisis catches up at work; Don and Ted ignore him in meetings. And when he takes Harry’s advice and meets with a headhunter Duck Phillips, he gives him more than just a professional assessment, warning Pete that if he doesn’t get his personal life in order he could have nothing left to work for. Roger is not forgotten. He loses his wife, his kids and is in a mid-life crisis. From here he can jump into bed with yet another stewardess, or pay a long due visit to the shrink.

Be it Don or Roger or Betty or Peggy, no character is spared from fate’s cruel jokes. The title graphics in the beginning of Mad Men depict a man’s life falling apart around him and ironically, him falling off a building. Yes, death IS in the air. The question is who will take the jump, who will be willing to embrace death instead of facing life and struggling through it? Will it be Don? Or Roger? Or someone we never thought to be a ‘depressed enough?’

Mad Men Season 6 has us hooked on to it like drug. You love it because you hate it; or is it the other way around?! Doesn’t matter, because every telecast will touch some part of our own personal secret- only in a retro style.