Now, Sunil Grover is in no mood to cater to Kapil’s whims and fancies (Pic Courtesy: sonytv)

Amidst all the news of how Sony TV has given an ultimatum to Kapil Sharma to bring his team as well as the TRPs back, here’s the latest update.

The tables have now turned in the favour of Sunil Grover and it’s not funny anymore! Here’s how. A few days ago, we told you how Kapil Sharma will soon be making a big fat offer to Sunil Grover. That is because Sony TV thrashed Kapil in such a way that he probably had no choice but to plead to Sunil to come back. After all, if Kapil does not bring the show back to its original popularity (the current episodes are so dull that the viewership has been reduced to half), Sony will cancel his Rs 106 crores deal!

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