Roadies Season 12: Esha Deol To Replace Raghu Ram & Rajiv Laxman

Roadies Season 12: Esha Deol To Replace Raghu Ram & Rajiv Laxman

Oh! My! God! Can you imagine the reality show, Roadies, without the tough and gruelling judges, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman? No, right? But the show is definitely going for a twist – and an unpleasant at that!

For all the Roadies lovers, here’s the sad piece – Raghu and Rajiv have apparently decided to skip the upcoming season of the show, which has pretty much become synonymous with them. Shocking it may sound, but true that is!

After taking the telly viewers by storm for eleven seasons, the twin brothers have now decided to part ways with MTV Roadies. While some reports underline that the duo want to do something else now, others suggest that they feel the need to undergo anger management classes. Whatever be the reason, we as loyal Roadies viewers, aren’t really happy with the news.

On the other hand, it’s been reported that Bollywood actress, Esha Deol, will don the judge’s hat on the 12th season of the show. It is also said of the lady that she can control her emotions like a pro and can be blunt and brisk when need be – that’s why she has been roped in to fill in Raghu and Rajiv’s places.

So far as Rannvijay  Singh’s association with the show is concerned, it is yet to be seen whether he continues to host Roadies or not.