A few love stories sprout up in Bigg Boss almost every year. This time too, there’s a lovey dovey couple inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. Albeit, they are a bit too sleazy or so it seems. Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma continue to break the rules and look for places and corners to get some private time together, even as the nation watches their every move.

A few days ago, apparently, both Bandgi and Puneesh were planning to get a bit cozy inside the bathroom (bathroom kissing moments have been aplenty in Bigg Boss seasons. Remember Diandra and Gautam Gulati?). Salman Khan could smell what they are cooking, and had even warned them against it, yet they could not resist getting close to each other.

Here’s a quick recap of how Puneesh and Bandgi came close to each other slowly and gradually. From slight flirting to hand-kissing to the blasphemous lip kiss and more… this is how these two began to break the rules in quite an in-your-face-shameless-manner. Take a look at their intimate pictures from all these days…

Mostly, they steal some private moments when the rest of the housemates go off to bed and the lights are also switched off.

So what if the world outside loathes their closeness — especially as Bandgi Kalra was engaged to her longtime beau Dennis Nagpal and Puneesh Sharma is apparently only separated from his wife, not even divorced — these two love birds don’t fear anyone and continue to get close, closer and closest to each other.

Let’s see what Salman Khan has to say about this!

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