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There are some actors in Bollywood, who have remained big stars of Bollywood despite have a surprisingly highest flop movies ratio. They managed to connect with the audience over the years with their talent and hard work. Bollywood stars managed to sustain their stardom for a considerable period of time in spite of their hits. Most of these  actors movies were hyped and were most awaited films of that year yet they failed to left any mark.

We have created a list of 6 actors who are big Bollywood stars despite having delivered many more flops than hits at the box-office.

Shahid Kapoor Flop movie ratio
Shahid Kapoor

1.) Shahid Kapoor : Shahid Kapoor has done total 26 movies till now out of which 16 movies are flop. Shahid gave only 1 blockbuster. The flop ratio of Shahid’s movie 61.54%.

John Abraham flop movie ratio
John Abraham

2.) John Abraham : John Abraham has done total 34 movies till now out of which 19 movies are flop. John Abraham gave only 1 blockbuster. The flop ratio of John’s movie 55.88%.

Emraan Hashmi flop movie ratio
Emraan Hashmi

3.) Emraan Hashmi : Emraan Hashmi has done total 33 movies till now out of which 18 movies are flop. Emraan Hashmi gave only 2 blockbuster. The flop ratio of Emraan’s movie 54.55%.

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